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We offer tailor-made in-person and online classes specifically designed for different student levels following the Spain education Select your level and enroll with us today and enjoy remarkable discounts

Infants, Education (infantils) from (3-6 years old):
Offering elementary classes for early childhood language learning and development in a fun and familiar environment. Our well-articulated learning curriculum will stimulate your children’s physical and mental skills, learn and practice reading, writing, and the alphabet. Its all fun and play. Enroll now today!

Primary education (Primario) Classes for Colegio (6 to -12 years):
We offer well-articulated classes that practical for our students to stay focused and enjoy learning a new language! Focus is on conversational classes and activity-based classes which include cooking classes, hiking, Nature walk classes. We help students earn the necessary grades to proceed in English.

Secondary Education Educación Secundaria Obligatorio /ESO (12-16 years):
We offer a more advanced learning curriculum that is suited to guide students learn English as a foreign language and help them achieve their goals. Click here to reserve and enroll.

Upper Secondary education (16-year-old)

We offer flexible classes to helps students to prepare for a future in English language. Our well-articulated classes are designed to support the student and help students to attain their certificates and continue their studies.

We also have in-person and online classes available designed for young learners and Adults Classes to prepare English Prep Cambridge, IELTS, ESL, Trinity Exams, University.

NB We have classes available for the Bachillerato, Vocational and University!

Come in for your free first class at any of the times below or click here to chat and enroll now!

Opening from Classes available from 10 AM

Morning classes available for Cambridge Preparation classes

We are opening this spring from the 4th of October 2021 to the 4th of June 2022 we are available from 4 pm to 9 pm,

Monday to Friday. The annual Matriculation fee for all students is 30

Specialized Classes online and In-Person

We are a Cambridge Examination Preparation center and we have classes that help you prepare for exams we have designed our classes to be enjoyable, effective and rewarding. So if you want to be ready for the next stage in your life enroll with us today!

Our tailormade classes are articulated spherically for the General English Course designed for Beginners who want to break through the language barrier and start speaking confidently and fluently. Less grammar, more speaking practice and a lot more fun!

Our Business English Course simulates real working scenarios that include discussions on projects, practical lessons for businesses (Finance, Marketing and Communication, Public Relations etc.),


  • Individual lessons A1 - C2
  • 60-minutes interactive sessions
  • Native Tutors around the globe
  • Reading - Listening - Speaking
  • Travelling Purposes
  • Certificate of Accomplishment


  • From Business Preliminary (B1)- Business Vantage (B2) - Business higher (C1 )
  • Mastering Job interviews and accent reduction.
  • Everyday Business Essentials refining Speaking & vocabulary
  • 60-minute individual intense business sessions
  • Certificate of Accomplishment


  • Exam preparation for IELTS- CAMBRIDGE - TOEFL - EOT
  • Practice papers and Mock tests
  • Individual 60 - minute sessions
  • Certified Experienced tutors preparing you for your examination
  • Certificate of Accomplishment
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English Business Classes
English For Travellers
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